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“ Vesna. It's pretty, where does it come from? “
Uh ... From Montenegro, Ukraine, Belgrade… to make it short. 

For cooking, it’s my Mum (yummy, her fresh pasta on Sundays!)

Even today, kitchen is still my natural habitat.
For languages, it is the Heritage (lots of people have passed through the Balkans), so, it makes you multilingual without realizing it (French, English, Italian, Serbian, Croatian, grasp of Russian, Slovenian).
For beautiful images, it is the nature first, then paintings.
For the advertising, it's Paris.

All this together, mixed up, the food stylist was born, who loves to jump in her car, or a plane, with bags full of cooking gadgets, sharp or rounded objects, nylon cords, to make surgeon knots.
So, here I am, ready for the challenge, all around the world.

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